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Text messaging for bus stop times to your cell phone!

Click on MyRide for information about this service.

Or download the ETSU App and use the Bucshot module for bus stop times.

BUCSHOT is like having a car on campus, to get to class, work, the library, or visit friends, but without having to pay for gas or worry about parking. Best of all, trips on Bucshot are FREE!  Campus visitors and the general public may also ride Bucshot for free.

ETSU Students/Staff may also ride the entire JCT "regular" fixed route system free, with current ETSU ID, and travel to destinations throughout the City.  For JCT fixed route maps and stops, click on the ride guide tab above, or click here: JCT Fixed Route Ride Guide.   BUCSHOT route maps have a symbol (a yellow star inside a blue circle) to note where the route connects with a JCT "regular" fixed route stop.  Take advantage of this great transportation system. It's good for the environment, the community, and you!

Note:  JCT prohibits anyone from riding Bucshot longer than one complete route loop without disembarking at a destination.

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