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Transit Center

Johnson City Transit System (JCT) began operations in 1979 as the first new municipal transit system in Tennessee since World War II. The Johnson City Transit Center, located at 137 West Market Street, was built in 1986, as a rehab and major expansion of the existing Greyhound Bus Lines terminal. JCT operations are centered around the Transit Center, which serves not only as a transfer point for JCT patrons, but also for patrons of Greyhound Bus Lines and local taxi companies.

JCT operates fixed route service (including Bucshot service on/around ETSU campus), and demand-response service (including paratransit service for individuals with disabilities, and Job Access service).  For information on the hours/days of fixed route operations, as well as maps/stop listings of each fixed route, click on the Ride Guide tab, above.  For information on demand response service, click on the Demand Response tab, above.

Service Notes

BICYCLISTS: JCT's newest fixed route buses have bicycle racks on the front of the bus, onto which you may load your bicycle.  Take advantage of this new bus feature and enjoy your bicycling experience in Johnson City!  (Bicyclists may bring their bicycle on board any older JCT fixed route vehicles which are not equipped with bicycle racks, as space allows.) JCT is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles on JCT bicycle racks.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  JCT reserves the right to alter any and all routes, or suspend JCT services, due to inclement weather (imminent, during, or aftermath), at the discretion of the JCT Director.  JCT weather-related service alterations will be posted on JCT's Twitter page.  Click here to go to JCT's Twitter page:

JCT Passengers age six or under:  JCT requires a passenger age six or under to be accompanied by a companion who is age twelve or older.


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